Sometimes hockey makes me sad

Today was one of those days. Hockey = sadness. Especially sad because I know the team is BETTER than this. The product on the ice today was frustrating – incomplete passes, giveaways, lost pucks. That is not the Washington Capitals. The Caps are exciting, aggressive, breathtaking. Today was an off day. A 2-0 loss to the Flyers, in our own building which was loud and red and READY for the real Caps to show up. There’s nothing to do now but put this game behind us.

Here’s something to help (this man is amazing, without him, the game would have been a total bloodbath in the Flyer’s favor).

Cristobal Huet


One response to “Sometimes hockey makes me sad

  1. I was looking through my saved texts the other day and I have one from you:
    “Don’t let hockey get you down.”
    April 17, 2008 11:41 p.m.

    April 17th: Game 4. Caps 3, Flyers 4 (2OT)

    Sorry I didn’t return the favor until now… 🙂

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