Hot hockey players that don’t play for the Caps ~ Western Conference Edition

I know, I know….is there such a thing as a hot hockey player that does NOT play for the Washington Capitals?? It may seem strange, but here’s what I think: the Caps are not in the playoffs, but I think the best way to honor their memory (of hotness) is to appreciate the hot men that play for the teams that are still in Stanley Cup contention. Can they make up for the lack of hot Caps in post-season play? Of course not. But they can make the rest of the games on Versus and NBC just a tad more entertaining. So here I present my “Hot men that are still in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Western Conference Addition”. Please, Enjoy. 😛

The Western Conference…what can I say…I know nothing about these teams. BUT…there are some representin’ dudes. May I present…


HOLY SHIT AARON DOWNEY!!! I didn’t even remember that Aaron Downey played for the Red Wings! That’s how deep my Caps devotion runs. Anywho,  I LOVED (loved loved loved ) Aaron Downey when he played for the Norfolk Admirals (when they were the Chicago Blackhawks affiliate). I swear to God, I have a button (yes, a button) with his face on it. Now he’s on the Red Wings.  And I still love him. Even though I hate the Red Wings. Sigh.

Mr. Andreas Lilja (full disclosure – he’s hot, but he has a shady past, I’ll leave you to your own googling). He is Swedish, which is hot.


Helloooo Mr. Tom Cavanagh. He’s a cutie American from Rhode Island. He’s barely played any games for the Sharks. So SUE ME. Dude is cute. He’s assisted on a Joe Thornton goal, he’s totally legit. And the Sharks have hardly any cute guys on their team.

Also for the Sharks…Mr. Torrey Mitchell. I included Torrey here b/c his mug shot has a cute black eye. Ladies love battle scars.


I hate to report this, but…the Dallas Stars are not an attractive team. Sure, make your case for Mike Modano or Brendan Morrow, but come on! The best I can say is that Marty Turco is not only handsome, but damn funny (see NHL All Star Game 2006). Go Marty!


Poor Avalanche. Peter Forsberg is as old as dirt and constantly injured. Paul Stastny is not that cute (and also injured). They felt like they had to bring back Adam Foote (not cute AT ALL). Thank God Jose Thedore is playing like a #1 goalie again (but not really). But he’s still at #1 hottie, despite his previous run in with Paris Hilton.


4 responses to “Hot hockey players that don’t play for the Caps ~ Western Conference Edition

  1. I agree with all of your choices, I must say.

    Only additions I have are Chris Conners from Dallas (he’s youngish, and American, but has the whole dark brooding thing going on)

    And Tyler Weiman from the Avalanche.

    and we do ❤ some battle scars. HELLO boyd gordon and semin. hawt.

  2. What about Michael Cammalleri form the Kings? He’s pretty cute!

  3. Are you actually joking me? Grow up, hockey players don’t give a shit if you think
    they are hot, they want to play hockey for the sport.
    Not to see how many girls are like wanna fuck me?

  4. Oh, Tennille…why are you so angry? Did we not represent someone from your team on our list? If so, pass along his name and we’ll give him some consideration.

    We are fans of the sport, first and foremost. So please do not assume that we just “wanna fuck” hockey players and know nothing of the sport, the history or the future. You’d be surprised if you actually knew us.

    “They are hot.” That is exactly our point. If we are able to bring more females over into the hockey fan group by exploiting the attractiveness of men who get played big bucks to play a game then so be it.

    I’m assuming you’ve never been to a bar after a NHL (or even AHL or even college game) to see the throngs of women (of all ages) trying to get with these guys. Well, we have. And we know they are enjoying every minute of the attention.

    Stick around and read the rest of the blog and enjoy the sport of hockey. It’s all good.

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