well that didn’t end as we expected

Caps have played the Habs three times this season and two of those three games were some of the best hockey I’ve seen.

Tonight’s game was a bit different. First period reminded me of the team we all fell in love with. And there were some great looks in the 3rd (missed the 2nd due to concourse food search) but they just couldn’t seal the deal. It wasn’t the cardiac Caps, rather the prude on prom night.

Came thisclose to giving us what we wanted and in the end denied us the pleasure of winning. Although we did get this, serious heavy petting by Ovie:

My boy Greenie got an assist tonight with pretty stick handling pass in front of the net to Old Man Knubs. swoooooooooon.

But, with this all said, as a BU girl I can’t believe we lost to Brian FREAKING Gionta. That kid just can’t leave us alone. It’s like the varisty cheerleader from the rival town winning homecoming queen. NOT COOL.


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