Capitals Ladies… will be a way for three friends who happen to be season ticket holders for the Washington Capitals to track this crazy obsession/fandom/___ with the Washington Captials.  It all started during the 2008 Playoff season but we’ve extended our blogging (attempts) into all future seasons.

We’ve long believed that our team is the hottest (on and off the ice) and we intend to prove it, if only to ourselves. Stick around for a bit and learn something about the Caps, the multi-million dollar man and the team that we love.


Chelski is a recent pro-hockey fan, only watching NHL games for the last 2.5 years. Growing up in Maine, she hated the game (it disrupted good Saturday night TV on the CBC!) but has memories of the University of Maine winning something called the “Frozen Four” in 1993. It was a big deal to everyone but her. If only she had known. Once heading to Boston University, and realizing that there isn’t much to do for an under 21 year old, she fell in love with the game and was hooked for life. Now that she’s moved to DC, the Capitals have taken over the void of BU hockey and now is her #1 love (although college hockey will return for the 2009 Frozen Four). She’s a fan of Mike Green and BU alumni Tom Poti, but loves the team equally and wholly.

CVandy wasn’t supposed to be a hockey fan, but she couldn’t avoid the lure of the ice and the skates and the violence in Boston. Well, that plus the lack of a football team at BU. And don’t even get her started on basketball. So hockey it was, and after a solid career of sitting outside the rink for tickets she’s down in DC with shiny season tickets to the Washington Capitals. It’s been a crazy 2007-2008 season and it’s only going to get better. She’s got a thing for older men, mainly Olie Kolzig, and it’s kind of killing her that Cristobal Huet has taken the #1 netminder position. But Huet’s not exactly tough on the eyes, so she thinks she’ll be all right. The sheer exuberance and stamina of this young team is irresistible!

MJ28 has a dark, dark secret: she used to be a Philadelphia Flyers fan. OMG. But the lure of John LeClair was too much to resist. Thankfully, she decided to go to Boston University, where college hockey is superior to the NHL (helloooo Sean Fields! what are you up to now?), and then made the wise decision to move to DC and throw her full support behind the hapless Washington Capitals. It only took 2.5 frustrating seasons, but her constant support and dedication has paid off!! MJ adores these Capitals for their enthusiasm, grittiness and flashes of flashy style. While she is partial to the fancy stickwork of Alex Semin and Alex Ovechkin, she’s also a big fan of the crash-the-net gusto of Brooks Laich and the calm, solid influence of Cristobal Huet. These Caps are going to be good for a long time, and MJ is ready to heartily cheer them the whole way. GO CAPS!


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