Hot Hockey Players That Do Not Play for the Caps ~ Eastern Conference Edition

Let’s go East Side!!! Now for the conference we’re more familiar with. Unfortunately with familiarity also comes animosity – it was difficult to find cuties for teams that I usually root vehemently against. But, here goes!


I tried to pick a guy who is cute, but didn’t completely destroy the Caps in the first round of this year’s playoffs. Turns out this is impossible.  The Flyers just don’t have many good looking guys. So I picked one that didn’t at all help the Flyers defeat the Caps. Introducing…back up goalie Antero Niitymaki! At least he has a cool name.


I know the easy way would be to pick Henrik Lundqvist, but I am not one for taking the easy way out. So my choice for the Rangers is Fredrik Sjostrom. Okay, okay, so he’s another Swede. Hot damn, the Swedes are a good looking bunch.

I know he’s a pest, and he can get on EVERYONE’S nerves, but I thought I’d give props to Mr. Sean Avery and his lacerated spleen. You gotta admit, dude at least has edge:


That is all.


Les Habitants are a pretty good looking bunch.  Say hello to Mathieu Carle and his cute little half-smile.

I’d also like to introduce you to Mike Komisarek. He’s American! 6′ 4″ defenseman, U. of Michigan alum, 26 years old, single (linked to Sean Avery ex Elisha Cuthbert, but that was just a rumor). I think I’m in love.

That does it for the Hot Hockey Players That Don’t Play for the Caps. I am rooting for the Canadiens to win it all. Weeeeee!


4 responses to “Hot Hockey Players That Do Not Play for the Caps ~ Eastern Conference Edition

  1. Lecavalier?

  2. Hey there!
    I got one for you. Personally not my type, but most girls think he’s gorgeous!
    Montreal Canadiens #1 goalie Carey Price.
    The canadiens are a pretty young team so there’s also Ryan O’Byrne, Christopher Higgins, Andrei Kostitsyn, Josh Gorges…pretty hot team!

  3. Oh yes, Freddie IS a hottie! 😀

  4. How about John-Micheal Liles of the Avs? A personal fave…

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