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The Afternoon After

It always seems to come down to one game, doesn’t it? We’ve all got thoughts to share on this incredible 2008-2009 Capitals season and the horrific train wreck of a game that ended it, but it’ll take some time to process everything. I think I’ve gone through all of the stages of grief (what are there, five? seven?) and I’ll be roller-coastering through them again many times in the coming days.

But hey, that’s how we started the season – with a team party at Six Flags.

So here’s to the players, the coaches, the owners and most importantly the fans. To our season ticket holder family. To the Caps Ladies…

And to Brooks Laich and Matt Bradley, stay out of trouble during the summer. We see you giggling, Laich. No funny business! (Unless you call us first.)

Two Caps Ladies favorites, Brads and Brooks

Two Caps Ladies... favorites, Brads and Brooks


Nothing personal, John Erskine, but I’m giving you a 2008-2009 preview because I have to

John Erskine irks me. (See what I did there?)  There’s always one on every team, that guy who makes you groan in frustration when you notice he’s out there.  Our #4 is a tough defenseman, but he doesn’t throw his weight around nearly enough. And on his bad days, the opposing team skates around him like he’s a traffic cone. Quick feet, Erskine! Skate like you mean it!

Erskine does have the distinction of getting into – and ending – the first fight of the 2008-2009 season, against Eric Boulton of the Atlanta Thrashers:

(Bring it, beyotch.)

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Game Day: Flyers/Caps, Game 7

I think all of us Ladies are feeling a little out of sorts today – anxious, restless, but mainly beyond excited to head to the rink tonight for another playoff game. It’s hard to believe that the Caps have made it this far – from the bottom of the league, literally, on Thanksgiving Day last year, to the very real possibility of heading to the second round of the playoffs today.


Bring it on, Flyers – we’re ready for you. One more time.

All red and white, from Monday’s game:

Game 6 scrum

EDIT: Oh, Ovie, your enthusiasm is incredible.
Game 6 Ovechkin scores