Nothing personal, John Erskine, but I’m giving you a 2008-2009 preview because I have to

John Erskine irks me. (See what I did there?)  There’s always one on every team, that guy who makes you groan in frustration when you notice he’s out there.  Our #4 is a tough defenseman, but he doesn’t throw his weight around nearly enough. And on his bad days, the opposing team skates around him like he’s a traffic cone. Quick feet, Erskine! Skate like you mean it!

Erskine does have the distinction of getting into – and ending – the first fight of the 2008-2009 season, against Eric Boulton of the Atlanta Thrashers:

(Bring it, beyotch.)

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Hump Day Hotties

Caps Ladies… were not original in our thought to take a deeper (and by deeper, I mean completely superficial) look into the athletes we know and love, we were inspired by the very funny and witty Ladies… Check ’em out, they are hilarious and write about all sports and all different types of athletes. We here at Caps Ladies… appreciate all that they do for us as readers, but really wanted to dedicate some pages on the internets to our favorite team, the Washington Capitals. And in honor of those Ladies… I’m doing our own Hump Day Hotties where we simply oogle good lookin’ guys on Hump Day.

And now, on to my hotties for the week, which involved me doing a lot of google image searching, and yet I can’t figure out how to do a “jump.” Please bear with me!

I have to start off any hotties list with my one, my only, Mike Green.

cute kid and cute guys--whats not to love about this picture?

cute kid and cute guys--what's not to love about this picture?

And I couldn’t just settle for one picture…rather I’m including this Caps Cribs video which has been on constant repeat on my laptop since it came out.

I could go on and on and on about Mike Green, but I won’t. Instead I’ll switch to his BFF Brooks Laich.

Those eyes. That smile. Gah!

Those eyes. That smile. Gah!

And since they are BFF, I can’t do one Caps Cribs without doing the others…

And Boyd. Oh goodness, where does a girl start?

And last, but definitely not least, AO. He’s not the hottest looking guy on the team, but damn the guy is hot on ice. I scoured the internets and found the hottest picture I could find. I leave you with this:



Not bad, eh?

And because the kid is nothing else but hilarious, here’s something to keep you going on this hump day.

“…you see him. Hi ladies”

Fan Favorite Matt Bradley!

I’m not sure there isn’t to like about this guy. He’s a hard worker and is a team-member. He likes to recycle and keeps a special trash can in the locker room just for bottles. He may be razzed by the team, but he keeps strong. He even did a PSA for the Ocean Conservatory. And protects our fine Nation as Poncho.

During the 2007-08 season in a game versus the Senators, when the shoott-out went into the 11th round Brads jumped over the boards and went in for the kill. And kill he did, winning for the Caps in the 12th, and final round. “It got so bad I had to hop over the bench and take things into my own hands.”

He’s not afraid to throw a punch or sport a black-eye, which to any of the Caps Ladies… is pretty hot.

But Caps Ladies… might love Brads for his innocence. During the Caps vs Bruins game last fall, the Caps were killing the beantown bears. The score had already gotten us free wings, but we wanted more. We wanted 10 and made sure the team heard our request. And hear they did.

“We heard them. [Matt Bradley] was like: ‘The fans wanted it, and I am a fan favorite, so I had to give them what they wanted.” – Brooks Laich

Fan favorite? What? Sure, okay. Brads you can be our fan favorite if you keep up the scoring, the fighting, the black eyes and the green locker room.

This summer he was a guest blogger on Yahoo NHL blog, and outlined the 5 ways he’d change the NHL. He’s pretty damn funny.

His best ideas include:

  • “All the first and second line players have to play wrong-handed. Let’s level the playing field a bit for those of us on the third and fourth lines. I bet these guys would adapt, no problem. They’d probably have wicked backhands, too.

I automatically get to play on Alex Ovechkin’s line every game. I’ve talked to Coach Boudreau about this before, but it hasn’t gotten anywhere. If I’m in charge, I’d make it a league rule and take the decision out of his hands. Let’s add 10 years to my contract while we’re at it so Ovie doesn’t have to worry about changing linemates as he’s hitting his prime.”

Whaddaguy, huh? I certainly can’t wait to see him back out on the ice!

PS Check out the real review of Matt on Japers Rink. He talks about stats, we talk about everything else.

I’d give up peanut butter, chocolate and just about anything else for Tom Poti

There I said it. I’d give up anything for Mr. Tom Poti.  It is, a matter of life and death and not just a picky eater. His story of picking up hockey as a way to build up his lungs against a very strong case of asthma is pretty amazing to those that are facing similar situations.

He’s a BU alum and a true masshole–just look at him. He could be a hockey coach in his home town of Worcester or a cop, firefighte–what I’m saying is that he’s just a normal guy. He plays golf. Helps out his friend Travis Roy. And is just so darn cute.

For some reason I can’t embed Caps TV clips so watch this NBC4 interview.

Tom Poti, a 6’3″ defensemen has been around the NHL for a while after leaving BU a year early, including stops with the Oilers, Rangers, and the Islanders, but he’s found a home with the Caps, at least for three more years. A Beanpot MVP  and NHL rookie, the guy has got some potential to do great things, but plagued by injuries he hasn’t had a real chance to shine in DC.

I have a feeling he’s just learning where he fits into this young, ever evolving team and will soon be a powerhouse for the D-line and I’m just waiting for this to happen in real life: (again with the embedding)

I can’t wait to see what the off-season has done for Tom. I hope he’s stronger, faster and better equipt to continue what we’ve got going here in DC.  I hope he catches the ‘winning’ bug and ditches losing the Yankees.


2008-2009 Preview: Cap’n Chris Clark

Chris Clark and I share a special connection, being Birthday Buddies and all (March 8 in the house!), so it’s only fitting that I should write the official Caps Ladies… Cap’n Chris Clark review. I’m not biased or anything, but this dude is kind of awesome.

Captain Clark...focused...

Captain Clark...focused...

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Brent Johnson…#1 on your roster, #? in my heart

I gotta be honest, there’s just something about Johnny that I don’t like. Not sure what it is, maybe it’s cause he was Olie’s backup and I never felt comfortable with him in goal or that he’s never really proven himself. Sure, he had a couple great saves here and there, but his W vs L column is pretty horrible. Really, I don’t know, since I’m usually the first one to get behind the underdog.

HOWEVER that doesn’t mean I can apprieciate him and the dedication he’s shown to the sport over his 11 seasons of pro-hockey. Originally drafted in 1995 by the St Louis Blues he was signed to a contract with the Caps in 2005.

Doing a little google searching let me to Johnny’s myspace page, who knows if it’s actually him, but whoever owns it definitely picked a quality song to enjoy while checking out his page.

He also did a Caps Cribs a couple of seasons ago and I’ve gotta love anyone with a sense of humor. That pool set up they’ve got is pretty awesome (~4:40) …so jealous.

Johnny’s also the grandson of NHL Hall of Famer Sid Abel and the son of former NHL goaltender Bob Johnson, so hockey is in his blood and presumably in his heart, too. One can’t commit to a sport like hockey with having some level of love for the sport.

So his stats seem to state that he doesn’t have the best record out there, but here’s to hoping he can provide serious backup to Jose when needed and continues to win over Caps fans with player appearances and winning games. And supporting worthwhile organizations like Athletes Against (and not For) Autism and the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation.

He may not have made it to #1 one in my heart (sorry that spot is already taken!) but his off-ice friendly nature does move him up a bit…keep on keeping on Johnny!

Countdown to Training Camp

We here at the Caps Ladies… have been counting down the days until hockey returns to our lives. Attempts at filling the void with baseball, soccer, even the Olympics always seem to fall short. Although this guy has made us all a bit weak in the knees. And no, Google Image search I’m not looking for Michael Phelps. Although this shot isn’t so bad.


The countdown begins today, just a bit more than 25 days and hockey returns to our lives. Granted it’s only training camp and there are a couple of weeks until pre-season begins and even a few more until the regular season, where the Washington Caps, Southeast Division Champs will be raising this banner, with this guy in the visitor’s goal.

We here at the Caps Ladies… couldn’t be more excited. Kinda like Ovie and Greener

Needless to say, we’re excited and hope to bring our two cents to the pre-season chatter surrounding this team. Sure there will be stats and records and quotes from GMGM, Capt’n Clark, and of course there will be Ovie. But there’ll also be lots of eye candy, because really, what’s the point of being a female hockey fan if you can’t appreciate the eye candy?