All-Star Break roundup

We here at Caps Ladies… are looking back on the first half of the season with smiles all around. Our boys are doing excellent, despite some trying injuries keeping our best guys out of the line-up and some confusion with what exactly each player should be doing (HELLO Mike Green, I love you and all but PLEASE be a defense men if only for 80% of the game…)

We all waited, with baited breath, to see what our dear Ovie would do for the skills competition and definitely were not disappointed. Although this Caps Lady… was watching in a crowded bar, sans sound, so I’m not sure what the announcers thought of this shot, but we in the bar loved it!

I have to say, watching it again I still laugh out loud and do enjoy the “Superman” music. Ovie DEFINITELY is a superman!

And the kid continued to wow the audience DESPITE not being voted an All-Star starter (Really? People this is crazy!) He won the damn game for the East in a shootout. Of course he did, he’s that kind of player.  And not to mention he had two goals and two assists.

We love Ovie in DC and just hope that someday the rest of the NHL-fan-nation will come around and see what this kid’s got to offer fans of the sport and fans of the players. He’s got something special and us Caps Ladies… can’t wait to see him on Saturday, back in the Verizon Center with his faithful fans.


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