Hump Day Hotties

Caps Ladies… were not original in our thought to take a deeper (and by deeper, I mean completely superficial) look into the athletes we know and love, we were inspired by the very funny and witty Ladies… Check ’em out, they are hilarious and write about all sports and all different types of athletes. We here at Caps Ladies… appreciate all that they do for us as readers, but really wanted to dedicate some pages on the internets to our favorite team, the Washington Capitals. And in honor of those Ladies… I’m doing our own Hump Day Hotties where we simply oogle good lookin’ guys on Hump Day.

And now, on to my hotties for the week, which involved me doing a lot of google image searching, and yet I can’t figure out how to do a “jump.” Please bear with me!

I have to start off any hotties list with my one, my only, Mike Green.

cute kid and cute guys--whats not to love about this picture?

cute kid and cute guys--what's not to love about this picture?

And I couldn’t just settle for one picture…rather I’m including this Caps Cribs video which has been on constant repeat on my laptop since it came out.

I could go on and on and on about Mike Green, but I won’t. Instead I’ll switch to his BFF Brooks Laich.

Those eyes. That smile. Gah!

Those eyes. That smile. Gah!

And since they are BFF, I can’t do one Caps Cribs without doing the others…

And Boyd. Oh goodness, where does a girl start?

And last, but definitely not least, AO. He’s not the hottest looking guy on the team, but damn the guy is hot on ice. I scoured the internets and found the hottest picture I could find. I leave you with this:



Not bad, eh?

And because the kid is nothing else but hilarious, here’s something to keep you going on this hump day.

“…you see him. Hi ladies”


One response to “Hump Day Hotties

  1. NICE WORK on those photos! Helllooo hotties.

    But that big cheesy grin just before Ovie says “you see him” makes me laugh every time…

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