Fan Favorite Matt Bradley!

I’m not sure there isn’t to like about this guy. He’s a hard worker and is a team-member. He likes to recycle and keeps a special trash can in the locker room just for bottles. He may be razzed by the team, but he keeps strong. He even did a PSA for the Ocean Conservatory. And protects our fine Nation as Poncho.

During the 2007-08 season in a game versus the Senators, when the shoott-out went into the 11th round Brads jumped over the boards and went in for the kill. And kill he did, winning for the Caps in the 12th, and final round. “It got so bad I had to hop over the bench and take things into my own hands.”

He’s not afraid to throw a punch or sport a black-eye, which to any of the Caps Ladies… is pretty hot.

But Caps Ladies… might love Brads for his innocence. During the Caps vs Bruins game last fall, the Caps were killing the beantown bears. The score had already gotten us free wings, but we wanted more. We wanted 10 and made sure the team heard our request. And hear they did.

“We heard them. [Matt Bradley] was like: ‘The fans wanted it, and I am a fan favorite, so I had to give them what they wanted.” – Brooks Laich

Fan favorite? What? Sure, okay. Brads you can be our fan favorite if you keep up the scoring, the fighting, the black eyes and the green locker room.

This summer he was a guest blogger on Yahoo NHL blog, and outlined the 5 ways he’d change the NHL. He’s pretty damn funny.

His best ideas include:

  • “All the first and second line players have to play wrong-handed. Let’s level the playing field a bit for those of us on the third and fourth lines. I bet these guys would adapt, no problem. They’d probably have wicked backhands, too.

I automatically get to play on Alex Ovechkin’s line every game. I’ve talked to Coach Boudreau about this before, but it hasn’t gotten anywhere. If I’m in charge, I’d make it a league rule and take the decision out of his hands. Let’s add 10 years to my contract while we’re at it so Ovie doesn’t have to worry about changing linemates as he’s hitting his prime.”

Whaddaguy, huh? I certainly can’t wait to see him back out on the ice!

PS Check out the real review of Matt on Japers Rink. He talks about stats, we talk about everything else.


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