I’d give up peanut butter, chocolate and just about anything else for Tom Poti

There I said it. I’d give up anything for Mr. Tom Poti.  It is, a matter of life and death and not just a picky eater. His story of picking up hockey as a way to build up his lungs against a very strong case of asthma is pretty amazing to those that are facing similar situations.

He’s a BU alum and a true masshole–just look at him. He could be a hockey coach in his home town of Worcester or a cop, firefighte–what I’m saying is that he’s just a normal guy. He plays golf. Helps out his friend Travis Roy. And is just so darn cute.

For some reason I can’t embed Caps TV clips so watch this NBC4 interview.

Tom Poti, a 6’3″ defensemen has been around the NHL for a while after leaving BU a year early, including stops with the Oilers, Rangers, and the Islanders, but he’s found a home with the Caps, at least for three more years. A Beanpot MVP  and NHL rookie, the guy has got some potential to do great things, but plagued by injuries he hasn’t had a real chance to shine in DC.

I have a feeling he’s just learning where he fits into this young, ever evolving team and will soon be a powerhouse for the D-line and I’m just waiting for this to happen in real life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WywkSqJpx6s (again with the embedding)

I can’t wait to see what the off-season has done for Tom. I hope he’s stronger, faster and better equipt to continue what we’ve got going here in DC.  I hope he catches the ‘winning’ bug and ditches losing the Yankees.



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