2008-2009 Preview: Cap’n Chris Clark

Chris Clark and I share a special connection, being Birthday Buddies and all (March 8 in the house!), so it’s only fitting that I should write the official Caps Ladies… Cap’n Chris Clark review. I’m not biased or anything, but this dude is kind of awesome.

Captain Clark...focused...

Captain Clark...focused...


  • From New England, big Red Sox fan (favorite player: Tim Wakefield)
  • Former Team USA Captain
  • Tough Ass MoFo
  • Yet, incredibly polite and good natured
  • English was his favorite subject in school because there are “no wrong answers”
  • Alliteration (CCC weeeeee)
  • Was in this video, which hands down makes him the Coolest Capitals Captain ever:


  • Missed a lot of last season so we didn’t get to see his intangible leadership and lacerated ear in action
  • Apparently a magnet for Alex Ovechkin-shot pucks

Mary’s Fellow Pisces Prediction:

  • Will score six goals in his birthday game versus the Penguins. Punches Crosby in the face for diving.

One response to “2008-2009 Preview: Cap’n Chris Clark

  1. oh capt’n clark. what a heart throb.

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