Brent Johnson…#1 on your roster, #? in my heart

I gotta be honest, there’s just something about Johnny that I don’t like. Not sure what it is, maybe it’s cause he was Olie’s backup and I never felt comfortable with him in goal or that he’s never really proven himself. Sure, he had a couple great saves here and there, but his W vs L column is pretty horrible. Really, I don’t know, since I’m usually the first one to get behind the underdog.

HOWEVER that doesn’t mean I can apprieciate him and the dedication he’s shown to the sport over his 11 seasons of pro-hockey. Originally drafted in 1995 by the St Louis Blues he was signed to a contract with the Caps in 2005.

Doing a little google searching let me to Johnny’s myspace page, who knows if it’s actually him, but whoever owns it definitely picked a quality song to enjoy while checking out his page.

He also did a Caps Cribs a couple of seasons ago and I’ve gotta love anyone with a sense of humor. That pool set up they’ve got is pretty awesome (~4:40) …so jealous.

Johnny’s also the grandson of NHL Hall of Famer Sid Abel and the son of former NHL goaltender Bob Johnson, so hockey is in his blood and presumably in his heart, too. One can’t commit to a sport like hockey with having some level of love for the sport.

So his stats seem to state that he doesn’t have the best record out there, but here’s to hoping he can provide serious backup to Jose when needed and continues to win over Caps fans with player appearances and winning games. And supporting worthwhile organizations like Athletes Against (and not For) Autism and the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation.

He may not have made it to #1 one in my heart (sorry that spot is already taken!) but his off-ice friendly nature does move him up a bit…keep on keeping on Johnny!


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