Countdown to Training Camp

We here at the Caps Ladies… have been counting down the days until hockey returns to our lives. Attempts at filling the void with baseball, soccer, even the Olympics always seem to fall short. Although this guy has made us all a bit weak in the knees. And no, Google Image search I’m not looking for Michael Phelps. Although this shot isn’t so bad.


The countdown begins today, just a bit more than 25 days and hockey returns to our lives. Granted it’s only training camp and there are a couple of weeks until pre-season begins and even a few more until the regular season, where the Washington Caps, Southeast Division Champs will be raising this banner, with this guy in the visitor’s goal.

We here at the Caps Ladies… couldn’t be more excited. Kinda like Ovie and Greener

Needless to say, we’re excited and hope to bring our two cents to the pre-season chatter surrounding this team. Sure there will be stats and records and quotes from GMGM, Capt’n Clark, and of course there will be Ovie. But there’ll also be lots of eye candy, because really, what’s the point of being a female hockey fan if you can’t appreciate the eye candy?


One response to “Countdown to Training Camp

  1. Whoa, I had not seen that shot of Lochte’s little white Speedo. Now I’m torn between laughter and “damnnn, that is fine.”

    The countdown begins!!

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